"May all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering."

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Are you affected by chronic pain or illness?


Are you struggling with an outdated belief system?

Are there any traumas blocking you from being the best version of you or that are preventing you from living your truth?

Learn how Yoga Therapy along with additional modalities including music and energetic methods can help you reach your ultimate goals and compliment your existing healthcare treatments. 

Practice Areas

Therapeutic yoga may involve learning breathing techniques, physical movement, mental clarity, meditation, education and reflecting on patient identified goals along with treating chronic illness, disease, terminal diagnosis, addiction, depression, and increasing an overall sense of well-being. 


Many medical professionals tend to treat a symptom or an illness, Yoga Therapy looks at the whole person and works with many layers of the human body to increase an overall sense of health, wellbeing and contentment. 



Lance A.

Stefanie Jillian promotes a positive atmosphere and has a sincere interest in her clients. Excelled at developing a program for my specific needs (nerve damage) that lead to positive results. Pain medication dropped from two 800mg Ibuprofen per day to one 220mg Ibuprofen a day, only when needed.

Stefanie's method of teaching is very different from what I was used to. Serene, calming and and awesome stretch. She adjusts each session to my needs so that even if I'm not having a great day, I can still do yoga. I always feel better after every practice. Great Teacher!

Stefanie is amazing. She is authentic and caring. Her skills are excellent and she personalized the sessions for my mom to get the most out of it. She stays present and has unbelievable insight through her connectedness.

Janelle S.

Dana M.