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Yoga Therapy

For Specific Medical Populations

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Therapeutic yoga may involve learning breathing techniques, physical movement, mental clarity, meditation, education and reflecting on patient identified goals along with treating chronic illness, disease, terminal diagnosis, addiction, depression, and increasing an overall sense of well-being. 


Many medical professionals tend to treat a symptom or an illness, Yoga Therapy looks at the whole person and works with many layers of the human body to increase an overall sense of health, wellbeing and contentment.

Adaptive and Individualized Care 


Yoga Therapy addresses the whole person including physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual states of being. 

  • One-on-One treatment plans for medical patients 

  • Online Yoga Therapy for medical patients

  • Avigna Health and Wellness cofunctions with your healthcare provider to compliment medical care

Stefanie Jillian 

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist/Author

As one of the very few IAYT certified Yoga Therapists in Las Vegas, NV, Stefanie Jillian is fulfilling her Dharma sharing the teachings of Yoga Therapy, Philosophy and Ayurveda in effort to make yoga accessible to all.

Typical group sessions with Stefanie can include meditation, various forms of yoga including gentle yoga and chair yoga, deep relaxation, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, discussion on philosophy or the tenets of recovery, and teaching coping skills for mental health and addiction.

Stefanie experienced the loss of her brother to heroin in 2012 and immediately began her journey in Yoga Therapy to heal her own trauma and to help as many people as she could to deal with and heal from pain, trauma and illness.


Stefanie is delighted to share a few of the tools she uses in Yoga Therapy in the R.I.S.E. training program, providing Continuing Education Credits (CEC/CEUs) for Physicians, Therapists, Educators, Nurses and more! Learn more www.weriseyoga.com