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Live Classes 

Every Monday

9am PST

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Live Classes 

Every Wednesday

9am PST

12pm EST

11am COT

Live Classes 

Every Wednesday

6:30pm PST

9:30pm EST

8:30pm COT

Classes contain a combination of Breathwork, Mantra chanting, Sound Healing and Meditation

Las clases de Kundalini Yoga, Meditación y Sonoterapia también pueden ser dirigidas en español. Por favor déjenos saber por adelantado.

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A sound healing self-awakening process that deconstructs conditioning, ego and traumas. 

innerdance is not traditional dance, we start laying down in Savasana listening to the music, which mimics the REM sleep waves. Such waves, organically lead a person to surrender, allowing healing to fully take place. The dance happens within, in the energetic bodies which leads physical body to move. 

The journey of innerdance allows people to tune back into their Truth, to feel it, to be it, to live it. It opens the heart in a way that it becomes the leader of the path. As traumas, resentments, etc. are touched upon with love and compassion, the door to the True Self opens wider and wider. innerdance not only helps this door to fully open, but also  guides the person to walk straight through it to fully live in the Truth, unmasking the illusions and releasing the conditionings which had been attached to The Self. 

"I have had the great pleasure to meet Rukmani and Derek, who introduced Innerdance to South America here in Cusco, Perú.

I have been taken classes regularly and am so grateful for their help and assistance during my many releases. I am especially grateful for all their support at the beginning of the classes I took, when I had no idea what was going on with me and my body when it moved so much. Both of them come from a place of pure love when facilitating the class and this is something not only I feel, also friends who took the class.


I really like how they also, as well as participants, share their experiences after the music is over. Both Rukmani and Derek are always willing to talk in private afterwards about what happened in class. Their humbleness is amazing and one can really tell that they want to genuinely help the participants during their journey and path! This heartwarming to see and feel!"

- Marion, innerdance participant

"First time innerdance and my body suddenly started moving by itself - a breathtaking experience for me, as I have a control-pattern inside of me that until then never allowed me to let go in similar situations.


Since then I have participated in quite a few Innerdance sessions with Rukmani and Derek and cannot express how grateful I am for their support on this journey. With them doing energy work within the sessions I feel my (newly and strong) energy-flow guided and supported in a beautiful way.


Their love, pure presence and knowledge, that they bring to the sessions is amazing and itself healing for me. So happy that Innerdance, Rukmani, Derek and me found each other. Thank you, muchas gracias, Dankeschön"

-Linda Wieggers, 

innerdance participant